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Warranty Information

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Available Warranties:

All items we are able to thoroughly test and repair will have a one-year warranty.  Most remanufactured items come with a one-year warranty as well.  When you find your item, the item page will list the specific warranty for that item.

If I purchased an item that does not work:

Contact Repair Zone immediately - we will resolve it quickly. We will give you instructions to send the item back for warranty repair. If an exchange is available we will send out another item to you.

• Call 989-922-0043

If your repaired item does not work:

Contact Repair Zone. There might be an issue with how the item was set up in your machinery. We will consult our technicians to try and troubleshoot the issue. If they are unable to resolve the problem, The Repair Zone customer service representative will give you instructions for sending the item back for warranty repair.