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Siemens Servo Motor Repair

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We have repaired over 1,200 Siemens servo motors. The two most common series of Siemens servo motors that we repair are 1FT and 1FK series.  The most common models that RepairZone repairs are 1FT3, 1FT4, 1FT5, 1FT6, 1FK6, and 1FK7. We see many Siemens servo motors from the the Automotive and the Aerospace industries.

An issue commonly found with Siemens servo motor repair is an encoder failure. The encoders problems stem from the bearings or the electronics inability to function correctly in the encoder. Siemens encoders are sturdy, so you can get longer life out of a Siemens encoder. If the encoder does need repaired, because the encoder on a Siemens servo motor is more sturdy than most, we are able to repair the encoder instead of having to replace the encoder completely.
We use Siemens suppliers for (OEM) parts. Once your Siemens servo motor is repaired, we thoroughly test the motor on a Siemens model specific test cart with a Siemens drive system.   Once it runs without fault for at least 2 hours, then we can customer box it and ship back to you.
By choosing Repair Zone for your Siemens servo motor repair, you will receive fast turnaround of 3 to 5 days with the ability to rush the item for an extra fee. We also offer a one year warranty for each Siemens servo motor repair in case anything goes wrong during that period of time; though, we rarely see a servo motor come back for warranty review. Parts from Siemens are expensive; however, with our competitive price match, we make sure our customers get the best price possible.   

Siemens Servo Motor Repair

Trust Repair Zone for a:

  • Quick, free quote 
  • Expert, full servo service
  • Quick turn around on all Siemens Servo Motor Repair
  • Full one year warranty
  • Rush Repair, if needed
  • Repairs that average 70% less than buying new


Expert Siemens Repair, Fast

You have found the right place for your Siemens servo repair. We're fast, cost-effective and reliable.  You get customer care with no hassle, no fuss. You also get thorough testing, a rigorous repair process, and quick service every time.  Our high-rated, professional technicians test each component to make sure your Siemens motor gets new, long-lasting life!


Our one year warranty guarantee's your satisfaction. Each motor receives:

  • Shaft and endbell mechanical tolerance verification
  • Stator winding integrity check via resistance, megger, and surge testing
  • Independent torque testing of all brake assemblies
  • Verification that each feedback device (resolver, encoder, Hall Sensor, tachometer, etc.) is working properly
  • Magnetic strength on rotor tested
  • Back EMF testing
  • Detailed mechanical tolerance checks
  • Complete electrical winding evaluation
  • Service from factory-trained technicians

Our repairs average 70% less than buying new.

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