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Servo Amplifier Repair

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Servo Amplifier Repair

The work at Repair Zone stands out. The technicians really believe in the motto: "If you're not proud of it, don't ship it." When you send in your amplifier the technicians will take the time to methodically walk through each step of the repair, making sure the issues are fixed and preventive maintenance is carried out.

We repair servo amplifiers on a daily basis, therefore we have numerous test carts specifically designed to fully run test many brands including; Allen Bradley, Fanuc, and Indramat. You can be confident that when we send your amplifier back it has gone through a rigid repair and testing process!  But that's not all.  Preventative maintenance is part of our repairs, so when you recieve your amplifier back from us, it will run longer from its 'like new' condition.

Here are some of the things you can expect when you send yours to Repair Zone for repair:

  • Quick, free quote 
  • Dynamic Static check
  • Clean, wash, and bake entire unit
  • Comprehensive component test
  • Replace bad and damaged components (e.g. Resistors, Diodes, IGBT’s, Capacitors, Electrolytic Caps, and Fans).
  • Preventive maintenance replacement
  • Fully run-tested on brand specific CNC simulator
  • Expert Technicians

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Our repairs average 70% less than buying new.

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