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Modicon Servo Motor Repair

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Modicon Servo Motor Repair

Trust Repair Zone for a:

  • Quick, free quote 
  • Expert, thorough repair 
  • Fast turn around
  • One year warranty
  • Rush Service if needed
  • Large parts inventory


Expert Modicon Motor Repair, Fast

We service the entire line of Modicon servo motors. Our Modicon repair is quick, reliable, cost-effective and fully tested. We support Modicon AEG, Gould, Telemecanique. Our factory trained technicians test each component to make sure you get what you need: hassle-free, professional repair service.

One Year Warranty on All Servo Repairs, for 70% Less than Buying New

Our one year warranty guarantee's your satisfaction. Each motor receives:

  • Shaft and endbell mechanical tolerance verification
  • Stator winding integrity check via resistance, megger, and surge testing
  • Independent torque testing of all brake assemblies
  • Verification that each feedback device (resolver, encoder, Hall Sensor, tachometer, etc.) is aligned to factory specs
  • Magnetic strength on rotor tested
  • Back EMF testing
  • Detailed mechanical tolerance checks
  • Complete electrical winding evaluation
  • Service from factory-trained technicians

Our repairs average 70% less than buying new.

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