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Servo Motors  (56)
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Series 50S   (13)
Series 5S   (250)
Series 6S   (30)
Series AC   (283)
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Series AiS 12   (229)
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Series AiS 40   (141)
Series AiS 50   (128)
Series AiS 8   (200)
Series AL   (105)
Series AM   (384)
Series E   (16)
Series F   (71)
Series HV   (206)
Series L   (116)
Series M   (5)
Series Beta   (16)
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Speedy Turnaround on Siemens Repair
5 star review 5 star review 5 star review 5 star review 5 star review
Speedy Turnaround on Siemens Repair
"Thank you very much Shana. From what i have been told, Nagois is already on his way to your to your facility, and will be anxiosly waiting on the motor to be completed. Thank you again for the updates, and the speedy turnaround on the all run a great shop."

Matt Lipski
Energy MFG.

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Fanuc Servo Motors

Certified Pricing

Nationwide Service

We repair and ship nationwide. It's fast, and costs less than you think.

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Over 2,200 Fanuc Servo Motors in Stock

The Repair Zone Team has worked on more than 4,000 Fanuc servo motors over the course of 20 years, so you can trust us to deliver the part that you need.  We specialize in getting you back up and running with minimal downtime. Our large inventory of Fanuc motors offers a variety of new and remanufactured options.  Find yours by using the search bar, or if you don't see it, call us and we can build your model number!

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For Fanuc Servo Motors, we offer:

  • 1 year warranty guaranteed*
  • Remanufactured by a dedicated team of Fanuc-trained technicians
  • A full servo motor run test to ensure accuracy 
  • Over 2,200 Fanuc Servos in stock
Repair Options Also Available

If we don't have your model number in stock, check out our Fanuc Servo Motor Repair . It's cost effective and it gets you back up and running, fast!

*Our "as-is" items have no warranties and don't receive a run test.
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