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"I received our Fanuc servo motor. Thanks for shipping it same day as I needed it ASAP. You guys came through without a doubt. Thanks for the great service."

Scott G.
Plant Operations Manager
Seaga Manufacturing

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Fanuc AC Spindle Motor Repair

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If your process is being stalled by a faulty Fanuc spindle, send to us and we can quickly diagnose the issues you are having through a myriad of testing procedures.
We test the ohms with a Megger tester to see if the stator is good or is grounded.
During disassembly:

  • The fan assembly is then taken apart; the fan motor is surge tested to check the strength of the insulation.
  • We check the gap of the speed sensor
  • We test the off-set
  • Using a digital oscilloscope, the amplitude is measured.
  • We then remove the speed sensor wheel by applying heat, along with opposite pulley end bell.
  • The rotor is removed from the stator – and the bad bearings removed.

  • The technician visually inspects the motor windings, and the bore of the stator for obvious trouble spots.  The stator is then surge tested as well, where all 3 phases are tested for dielectric strength of the insulation.  

    The entire unit is washed thoroughly using both a high-pressure sprayer and a parts washing machine, removing all contamination that had built up.  It is then baked over-night in our oven.

    During assembly, new bearings are installed; the stator is megged again after the wash and bake; rotor is put into place; motor housing and end bell are installed.  Final testing occurs as amplitude is measured again.  

    Next, the spindle is connected to a Fanuc amplifier and ran in both directions, stopping and starting multiple times until testing is completed.  The speed sensor is tested for proper specs after assembly as well.


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    All Fanuc AC spindle motors sent to us receive rigorous testing to ensure key individual components operate at industry standards. In addition, we use Fanuc OEM parts in our repairs and every step of the process—from machining to winding—is completed in-house.

    Afterwards, the spindle is reassembled and given a final run test. It is then carefully packaged for shipment so that it safely arrives at your door ready to go.

    At Repair Zone we take pride in every step of the service, which is why we back our repair work with a full, one year warranty.

    Our repairs average 70% less than buying new.

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    Watch Our AC Spindle Motor Repair video


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