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In Need Of A Fanuc Repair? Let Repair Zone Help!

When it comes to repairs, Fanuc servo amplifiers are one of our staples. In fact, a variety of Servo and Spindle Amplifiers come in for repair on a regular basis, from the Alpha, Alpha i, Beta or C series. As a result, our technicians have a great amount of experience and can provide an accurate repair quote for your amplifier.

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Since they are used in CNC machines, robotics, and other machine applications,  we have the ability to help no matter what the application. So, give us the opportunity to repair your Fanuc amplifier today!

Fanuc Servo Amplifier Repair Here are some of the things you can expect when you send yours in for repair:

  • Quick, free quote 
  • Dynamic Static check
  • Clean, Wash, and Bake entire unit
  • Thoroughly Test Components
  • Replace bad and worn components-Resistors, Diodes, IGBT’s, Capacitors, Electrolytic Caps, and Fans
  • Preventive Maintenance carried out
  • Fully tested on model specific CNC simulator
  • Experienced Technicians

Repair Zone will get your Fanuc Servo Amplifier back up and running!

Our repairs average 70% less than buying new.

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