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Meat Slicing Machine Down! No Problem RepairZone comes to the rescue!
5 star review 5 star review 5 star review 5 star review 5 star review
Meat Slicing Machine Down! No Problem RepairZone comes to the rescue!
 "Your service was great and it really got us out of trouble.  We are sending our other motor in for repair!  Here’s to the beginning of another great working relationship with a great American family-owned business!  Thanks!"

Bill Korleski
Mary Anns Specialty Foods, Inc.

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Human Machine Interface (HMI) Repair

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If It's HMI Repair You Need, We've Got You Covered (Including LCD Conversions!)

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Industrial Human machine interfaces (HMI) are complex units that need specialized attention for an accurate repair.  Fortunately, interface repair is a big part of what we do at Repair Zone. Our technicians have it down to a science when it comes to repair.  Here are some of the common failures that occur:
  • Touchscreen damage - Physical damage through improper use; or become worn through usage
  • Bad power supplies - Become fatigued or aged, in most cases need to be replaced
  • Lamps fail; or physical damage to LCD screen
  • Battery failure - which leads to program loss or parameter loss
  • Contamination - a dirty unit will eventually fail
Repair Zone process of repair:​

  •  Wash, clean, and bake unit to start
  •  Replace lamps
  •  Replace capacitors
  •  Cold solders joints in power supplies
  •  Battery replacement
  •  Necessary board repairs 
  •  We also do LCD replacement with any unit
Once the unit is complete, our technicians upload our own start-up program assuring your unit will start with ease when returned.  It also leaves here looking much better than when it arrived.


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