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If your Machine has an Allen Bradely HMI on it, we can make it new! 

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If you have an Allen Bradley Panelview that has suddenly went blank, has worn buttons and functionality is lost, or error codes are present, Repair Zone can offer a free evaluation for these issues and more.  We stock may of the backlights, overlays, power supply's and other necessary parts for a quick, full repair, no matter what the issue.  We are experts in repair of the following Panelview Series:
  • Panelview 300 MicroSeries
  • Panelview Plus 400 
  • Panelview 500 Series 
  • Panelview 550
  • Panelview 600 and Plus Series
  • Panelview 700
  • Panelview 900
  • Panelview 1000 (E) 
  • Panelview Plus 1000
  • Panelview 1400 (E) and more.
When we receive your Allen Bradley Panelview in for repair, you can expect a complete evaluation, free of charge, and a full repair including:

  •  Wash, clean, and bake unit to start
  •  Replace lamps
  •  Replace capacitors
  •  Cold solders joints in power supplies
  •  Battery replacement
  •  Necessary board repairs 
  •  We also do LCD replacement with any unit

List of Allen Bradley Panelviews We Repair

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Our repairs average 70% less than buying new.

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