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Never Had A Customer Service Experience Like This!
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Never Had A Customer Service Experience Like This!
"Very grateful for the service I received. You handled this very well. I've never had a customer service experience like this before. I will be using Repair Zone for all future repairs and purchases. Can't thank you enough."

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Indramat Repair

If your CNC or other industrial machine is outfitted with Indramat equipment and you have a breakdown, we can help!   

By repairing, testing and qualifying the part in question. If it is your servo motor, we can fix it. We often see Indramat motor series like MAC, MKD, MDD, MHD in for repair. We use several electrical and mechanical test methods to find the issues. For example; surge testing the stator to check each phase. We also use a back EMF test to check the magnetic strength of the rotor, and Megger testing, which shows if the motor is grounded. These and other tests give us a complete view of your motor. And, with in-house winding capabilities and a full machining center, we can cover every inch of service for your Indramat servo motor.

If your drive is the problem, we can repair many of the older Indramat series like the KDS and KDA, the DDS, TDM and TDA spindle amplifier. But also newer series like the HDD and HDS, and the DKC, DKR, DKS. During an Indramat drive repair, the failed components are isolated and replaced along with aged and other commonly known components that cause future breakdowns, giving your drive more longevity and machine uptime. 

If your machine is having Indramat power supply failure, we can repair these as well. The TVD and TVR, TVM, KDV, and the newer HVR and HVE power supplies. Because we work with and understand the entire servo loop, power supplies are a common, send-in repair. We first tackle the issues leading to failure, and then to preventative maintenance measures such as:

• Replacing all fans 
• Clean out heat-sink 
• Inspect and repair any cold solder joints and reflow pin connections 
• Inspect ceramic resistors

Finally, we offer Indramat monitor operator terminal repair, like the BTV series. We replace backlights, test and repair the keyboard, replace touchscreens and overlays, upgrade the unit to LCD – whatever the issue is, we can fix it. 

You can also purchase or exchange your Indramat equipment, we have a large inventory of remanufactured units in stock. 

“Repair Zone, Your Indramat repair experts and Superstore!”

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