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Identifying 230 and 460 Connections

Professor Steve explains the difference between 230 and 460 connections on an electric motor.

Is it a WYE or Delta connection?
  • A WYE has continuity between 7,8,9 leads
  • A Delta has 3 combinations of 3
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Today we’re going to talk about a standard 3-phase AC motor, and how to connect it, whether it’s low voltage or high voltage, 230 or 460. First thing you would want to do is look over the motor very closely, a lot of times most manufacturers will either label inside of the junction box or on some type of a nameplate on the motor itself, and that will determine if you do have a WYE or a Delta and that will make a difference on the low voltage connection.

If we don’t have a connection diagram the first thing we need to do is find out if we have a WYE or a Delta configuration on the inside of the motor. First thing we need to do is determine whether we have a WYE or a Delta internal connection to the motor. So what we’re going to do is were going to go ahead and take a number that’s already identified, let say we’ve got #2 and were going to check to see what has continuity with the #2. We’ve got one lead that has continuity with #2. Then we’re going to continue on, this will be a WYE connected motor because we’ve just got combinations of two and we can tell that for sure because our WYE is going to be our internal connection.

We’re going to have continuity between 7, 8, and 9. So we know this is going to be a WYE configured motor. If we end up with, as were checking continuity, we end up with 3 combinations of 3 then what we’ve got is a Delta configuration and that will change on our high and low voltage connection. The high voltage connection whether it is WYE or Delta is going to be the same, the low voltage connection will definitely change. So we need to find out whether we have a WYE or a Delta configuration before we go ahead and do it. We’re missing a number on one of our leads, by looking at the actual configuration and checking for continuity we can pretty much have a good idea which number is missing. If we have, say 1 and 4, has continuity and you’ve got a 1 you’re missing #4 then we know that the one that has continuity with #1 is #4. If you’re missing number 1 and 4 or the two in the same phase then we’ve got to do this completely different.

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