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A Fair Price for Good Equipment
“The TMC 700 unit you sold me is perfect and with the price that you worked with me on, I am very happy with the service. As well as this transaction went, I will be using your service again.”

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What is a Standard Recondition for a Servo Motor

What is a Standard Recondition for a Servo Motor

By Jade York
         A standard recondition is when a servo motor isn’t critically damaged and still in use, but has wear and tear that needs to be corrected before catastrophic damage occurs. We come to this conclusion after all testing is completed and the motor is electrically and mechanically good: Megger test, Surge test, Back EMF (electro-motive force) test to electrical integrity, mechanical tolerance checks, torque test (if the servo motor has a brake), testing of the feedback device.  

         During the next step in reconditioning, motor is then taken apart, (rotor, stator, end bell caps, feedback, connectors, brake, etc.) and if the contamination is severe, the rotor and stator will be power washed first and washed a second time in a parts washer. They are then baked in the oven overnight.

         When assembling the motor, the stator windings are given a layer of spray insulation; all seals will be replaced; connectors are replaced using American made connectors, which have an improved sealing mechanism that is glued instead of press fit. This makes the internal parts less susceptible to contamination, which is a leading cause for breakdown. We also replace the bearings with new, high performance bearings.  The servo is then run-tested on a model specific testing module with the appropriate amplifier/drive and power supply and ran for 2-hours or more, stopping and starting and changing directions to simulate a machine.

All of these things are done during every standard recondition repair to increase longevity of the motor, which increases the uptime of your machine.

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