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Machine Back on Line
"The power supply worked great.  I got my machine back on line.  Thanks for the great deal and great service."

Phil G.
Operations Manager
Bedford Weaving

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WHAT is a Servo Motor

WHAT is a Servo Motor

By Jade York
     A servo motor is a type of motor that can give us positional control by rotating a part and taking feedback from the encoder. A servo motor has a feedback device, which can be used to detect unwanted motion and make it much more accurate than a standard AC or DC motor. The feedback signal is constantly monitored by a servo drive, which continually adjusts for deviation from expected behavior.


    Servo motors work in a closed-loop; this means, they can measure the exact position of the motor head, and by controlling the motor, they fix the gaps from the desired position. It sends velocity command signals to the amplifier, which drives the servo motor. The motor has an internal gear-based transmission system and again, electric control of the position of the motors head. There are three types of servo motors; AC servo motors, DC servo motors, and AC brushless servo motors.


How are Servo Motors used?


    Servo motors are used in industrial CNC machining centers, a broad range of factory automation, and robotics. They are used in many diverse industries such as automotive, aerospace, chemical processing, machine tools, packaging, food processing and others.

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