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"I received our Fanuc servo motor. Thanks for shipping it same day as I needed it ASAP. You guys came through without a doubt. Thanks for the great service."

Scott G.
Plant Operations Manager
Seaga Manufacturing

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Repairing Your Servo Driver

Repairing Your Servo Driver

By Jade York

What is a Servo Driver?

Servo Drivers are electronic amplifiers used to power servo motors. The driver is a closed-loop tracking system which is used for mechanical movement. They monitor the feedback signals from a servo motor and continually adjust for deviations in speed, position, and torque from its expected behavior.


Our Repair Process
Our repair process is more of a complete remanufacture, rather than just repairing where the faults are found. When we receive a driver in for repair, we perform an initial visual inspection during disassembly, which includes a dynamic static test. The servo is then thoroughly washed of all contaminants and then baked to remove all moisture. We then thoroughly test components and replace bad and worn resistors, diodes, IGBTs, capacitors, electrolytic caps, and fans.

By going above and beyond in preventative maintenance replacement of these components, the driver is brought to a ‘higher’ remanufactured state. Our entrusted expert servo technicians then fully run-test the servo unit on a brand-and-model-specific simulator. By passing a complete run-test, the servo is ready to be shipped back to the customer with a one-year warranty attached.


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