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Encoders the Prime Suspect in Siemens Servo Motor Repair

Encoders the Prime Suspect in Siemens Servo Motor Repair

By Jade York
Siemens servo motors are most commonly used in the Automotive and in the Aerospace industries.  The reason for this is that these products are highly reliable and need minimal repairs.  In high stakes applications, these motors can generally perform well without issue.

But sometimes, as with all mechanical items, repairs are required.

The two most common Siemens servo motors repaired are 1FT and 1FK.  The model numbers that are common to these models are 1FT3, 1FT4, 1FT5, 1FT6, 1FK6, and 1FK7.

Although highly reliable, when a problem occurs with a Siemens servo motor, it is most likely due to the encoder.

When an Encoder Issue Causes Servo Motor Issues

Encoder problems stem from the bearings or the electronics’ inability to function correctly in the encoder.

Siemens encoders are sturdy, so most consumers get a long life from it. However, if the encoder needs repair, it is recommended to repair the encoder instead of replacing completely. Any repair company with encoder process expertise should be able to repair a Siemens servo motor successfully.

For our repairs, we use Siemens original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and Siemen supplier parts to bring the part back to life. This ensures that reliability is maintained, especially in demanding applications. Once we repair it, we thoroughly test the motor on a Siemens specific test cart with a Siemens drive system. 
When choosing a company for your Siemens servo motor repair, we recommend that you pick one that can deliver the quality needed for this type of job, but with fast turnaround times and the ability to rush the item if needed.  Some sort of warranty is also recommended, in case of issue.  That’s what we do at Repair Zone, and that’s what we want for you!  Contact us if you have questions—we are happy to answer any that we can.

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