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Meat Slicing Machine Down! No Problem RepairZone comes to the rescue!
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Meat Slicing Machine Down! No Problem RepairZone comes to the rescue!
 "Your service was great and it really got us out of trouble.  We are sending our other motor in for repair!  Here’s to the beginning of another great working relationship with a great American family-owned business!  Thanks!"

Bill Korleski
Mary Anns Specialty Foods, Inc.

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Common Failures in Fanuc Power Supplies

Common Failures in Fanuc Power Supplies

By Jade York
A power supply takes AC voltage and converts it to DC voltage to power the servo drive that turns the servo motor in a servo loop. Power supplies require maintenance like any servo electronics, such as a Fanuc power supply.  

The most common repair on Fanuc power supplies is replacing the fans. Issues with the fan in a Fanuc power supply occur when contamination interferes with air flow on the fan and the heat sink. The process we go through to replace the fan in a power supply starts out like any other basic power supply repair process.

When the power supply first comes in, we perform static tests on it to see if anything shorted or if there is any obvious damage. We then put the power supply on the test cart to test the operations and see if we can duplicate your problems.

Once we have done the initial testing, we disassemble the power supply and wash it in environmentally safe cleaner to remove any contaminants that could cause problems when running the power supply.

During the washing process, we visually inspect each component of the power supply for any physical or heat related damage, so we can give those areas special attention and check for possible damage later. The excess water is then blown off of the washed power supply components.

Then, the disassembled power supply components are placed in the oven to dry for several hours to make sure all of the water has been removed.

Once the power supply comes out of the oven, we start the power supply repair process. This is when we will replace the fan in the power supply, which we replace the fan with every Fanuc power supply repair. We will also replace any components that appear aged or were identified as an issue during our initial testing processes and our washing process. Electrolytic capacitors are often components identified as an issue and are replaced.

When the repair is complete, we reassemble the power supply and move it to the test stand and try to simulate as many of your machine functions as possible, including running a motor with your power supply before we ship it to you.

Once the power supply has passed all test processes, it is sent to the shipping department, and they package it up and send it off to another satisfied customer.

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