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An Allen Bradley Servo Motor Model Deconstructed

An Allen Bradley Servo Motor Model Deconstructed

By Jade York
If you have an Allen Bradley 1326AB Series Servo Motor, you have a dependable, high performance AC servo motor that works in a variety of applications.
But what do the figures that make up the Allen Bradley servo motor model number mean? We asked our technical team to help us break it down for you.
Servo motors in this series always start with 1326AB to denote the series number, and Allen Bradley as the manufacturer.
Here’s the model number breakdown:
1326AB - ♣ ♦ ■ - ♠ - ◙
The first position in the second section (♣) designated the frame diameters of your servo motor. There are three different frame diameters: A, B, or C.
  • A: 4.25 inches (108 mm)
  • B: 5.88 inches (149 mm)
  • C: 7.63 inches (194 mm)
The second position in the second section (♦) refers to the stack length. The stack length is the physical length of your Allen Bradley servo motor, within a given frame size.
The third position in the second section (■) tells what your motor’s maximum operating speed is. There are four different speeds for the Allen Bradley 1326AB series servo motor: B, C, E, or G.
  • B: 1600 RPM
  • C: 2000 RPM
  • E: 3000 RPM
  • G: 5000 RPM
The third section (♠) specifies your motor’s face and flange dimensions. There are two different options: 11 or 21.
  • 11: NEMA inch combination face/flange with keyway
  • 21: Metric dimensions-NEMA/IEC metric flange with keyway 
The last section (◙) indicates brake options for your Allen Bradley servo motor. Six options exist for this servo motor model: A4, A5, A7, K4, K5, or K7.
  • A4: 72 lb. in. (8.1 Nm) Holding Brake w/90v DC Coil
  • A5: 120 lb. in. (13.6 Nm) Holding Brake w/90v DC Coil
  • A7: 400 lb. in. (45.2 Nm) Holding Brake w/90v DC Coil 
  • K4: 72 lb. in. (8.1 Nm) Holding Brake w/24v DC Coil
  • K5: 120 lb. in. (13.6 Nm) Holding Brake w/24v DC Coil
  • K7: 400 lb. in. (45.2 Nm) Holding Brake w/ 24v DC Coil
So, let’s review. Take the Allen Bradley 1326AB-A3E-11 for example.
The model has a frame diameter of 4.25 inches, 108 mm (A). It has a stack length of 3 (3), and a maximum operating speed of 3000 RPM (E). It has a NEMA inch combination face and flange with keyway (11). Also, for this motor, notice the last section of the model number is missing, which is where the brake option is located; this simply means the servo motor does not have a brake option.
For more servo motor options, see Repair Zone’s complete inventory of Allen Bradley Servo Motors. If you need help identifying a motor, call one of our techs for assistance at 989-922-0043.

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