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Love The Monitor Upgrade To LCD
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Love The Monitor Upgrade To LCD
"We installed the control and it works great! Love the LCD monitor. We will be using Repair Zone again in the Future!"

Gary B.
Operations Manager
Reflex Manufacturing

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5 Reasons for LCD Retrofitting CRT Monitors and HMIs

5 Reasons for LCD Retrofitting CRT Monitors and HMIs

By Jade York

    There are key issues with "CRT Monitors" that are making them a thing of the past, such as screen burn in, flyback failure, and failure of key components due to heat. Also due to the age of the technology it is becoming harder to find replacement parts.

    An LCD conversion offers a solution to all of these issues. They are readily available in the size and configuration you require. They use less energy, and operate at a low temperature, increasing the life of the unit and your energy costs. They are not prone to "Screen Burn-In". It is a fact that LCD displays are immune to phosphor wear, simply because LCD televisions do not use phosphor to create a television image. Otherwise, it would be like saying an electric car can run out of gas. That does not mean LCD displays are immune to the effects of static images. On LCD displays, this is kindly referred to as "video memory" or "image retention."

    LCD panels use a complicated process of organizing liquid crystal molecules into a twisted or untwisted state, which allows polarized light to pass through the liquid crystal substrate. Over time, it is possible these liquid crystals can "get used to" the state of twist they are in, causing a static image, very similar to phosphor burn-in, to be visible on the screen permanently. Some say that simply turning off the display for 24-48 hours eliminates this effect, while others have claimed the effect is permanent in extreme cases. Nonetheless, home users of LCD televisions have generally little to fear.


5 Reasons for an LCD upgrade:


  •     By holding on to your current equipment, you save thousands of dollars versus integrating a new operator interface package.

  •     LCD uses less energy than a CRT, helping to save on usage.

  •     Clarity of picture, LCD is much clearer to view.

  •     Reliability.

  •     CRT tubes are scarce, LCD's are now plentiful and come in all sizes.

How Repair Zone Can Help

Turn Obsolesence into an advantage with an LCD retrofitted monitor. At RepairZone, our customers count on us for cost effective solutions to keep their equipment running smoothly. An LCD upgrade is something we specialize in and have many satisfied customers.  Call today for a quote!

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Watch a Brief Video Below That Shows How We Repair Industrial Monitors

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