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What is in a Name for Indramat Repair

What is in a Name for Indramat Repair

By Jade York

If you’ve got an older servo motor or electronic with the name “Indramat” on it, you may have a little bit of trouble following a trail of names to figure out how to get it replaced.

History of Indramat

  1. Indramat was a German company founded in 1958
  2. It was then acquired by Rexroth AG in 1965
  3. It merged in 2001 with Bosch Automation Technology to create Bosch Rexroth AG
  4. Bosch Rexroth AG is the current company name of Indramat.

Bosch Rexroth AG provides drives and motion/control technologies to various industries, including:

  • Packaging and Processing
  • Automotive
  • Construction Machinery
  • Plastic Machinery and Die Casting
  • Marine and Offshore
  • Semiconductors and Electronics

Repair Can Be Easier than Replacement

But why not consider repairing your broken Indramat items instead of replacing them?  In many cases, Indramat items can be remanufactured to like-new conditions, often times with a warranty if you choose a good partner.  The right Indramat Repair provider can make your life a lot easier.
At Repair Zone, we specialize in Indramat repairs.  We have many test carts specifically made to test Indramat-specific parts.  This enables us to run-test every component we repair for a minimum of two hours to ensure quality. We have test carts for all Indramat servo system components, including servo motors, drives, controller, power supplies, and monitors.

Types of Indramat Repair and Their Processes

  1. Indramat Servo Motor Repair.  For our Indramat servo motor repair, each motor receives shaft and endbell mechanical tolerance verification, stator winding integrity checks through resistance, megger, and surge testing, independent torque testing of all brake assemblies, verification that each feedback device is aligned and working properly, magnetic strength on rotor testing, back EMF testing, detailed mechanical tolerance checks, and complete electrical winding evaluation.
  2. Indramat power supplies and drivesThese are similarly repaired, but the repair is still extensive. Both components are run through static tests and on test carts to see if we can replicate a customer’s issue. Then, the components are disassembled, washed in environmentally safe cleaner, and baked in the oven for several hours to ensure full removal of water. When the power supply or servo drive is dry, we start the Indramat repair process.  We replace any bad components that we saw in the initial testing and component washing, plus key components like fans and electrolytic capacitors. 
  3. Indramat monitor repairMonitors are much like operator interface controllers, and require service similar to an industrial computer.  Therefore, the common failure parts are replaced rather than repaired. When completing an Indramat monitor repair, we replace the hard drive and the power supply, upgrade the cooling system, replace the floppy, CD, and DVD drive, transfer software, and more. We also offer LCD retrofitting for Indramat CRT Monitors, which give them longer life and help them function more efficiently with an LCD screen.

With all Indramat repairs, we offer a quick free quote, in-house service work, rapid turnaround, one year warranty, and the ability to rush the repair service if needed.  Contact us for more information.

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