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Machine Back on Line
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Machine Back on Line
"The power supply worked great.  I got my machine back on line.  Thanks for the great deal and great service."

Phil G.
Operations Manager
Bedford Weaving

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Trouble Shooting a Rush Repair

Trouble Shooting a Rush Repair

By Jade York
    When a repair comes in, we may know about a couple of the symptoms, or we may be left totally in the dark. So, the first thing we do is plug in the faulty unit and try to run it with other components to try and determine what the faults might be. We then repair the causes of those faults. We do perform preventative maintenance repairs on the rest of the unit, such as changing the fan out, changing discolored or old caps, and so on. This is our typical repair process.

     Sometimes, finding the causes of the faults can take an excruciating amount of time and labor. And doing it under the guise of a ‘RUSH’ repair can create a lot of anxiety for both the customer and our technicians. This was the case with one of our automotive customers. They sent us not one, but two large Indramat RAC spindle drives on rush repair. Now, these units are difficult repairs and we have had tech’s take up to 5-7 days to complete, let alone rush them. Most repair places won’t do them. As we began to repair one of them, we narrowed the problem down to one of the boards. We quickly recapped the entire board and moved on to installing new lems, and a new fan. We tested the drive and found that it ran perfectly. We then went back and refurbished the other 4 boards on the unit.

     All this was completed within a day’s time and charging our customer less than the $5,900 repair price listed on our website was sweet. Our biggest competitor charges $17,000 to even touch one of these. The OEM would have taken 3-4 weeks to finish one of these. We got both of them turned around in 2 days, much to the amazement of our customer who told us that the, “RAC drive is running great; you guys once again perform miracles.”

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