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Wanted to Say Thank You for Service Quality Delivery!
"I just wanted to call and say thank you Jami for the outstanding service you provided regarding the Indramat RAC drive. We are over the top happy with the service, quality, delivery. You got us out of trouble and up and running. We are sending in our other drive to you for repair."


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Allen Bradley 1336 Drives

Allen Bradley 1336 Drives

By Jade York
The Allen Bradley 1336 Plus was the jumping off point for the later 1336 VFDs; the 1336 Plus drive line was introduced in 1994, and the drive line became the most installed base in North America. The entire 1336 Plus line went obsolete on December 31, 2010.The 1336 Plus II was an upgrade from the 1336 Plus, which the 1336 Plus can be converted to the Plus II.
1336 Series Similarities & Differences
Allen Bradley 1336 variable frequency drives (VFD), including the 1336 Classic, 1336 Impact (E), 1336 Force (T), 1336 Plus (S), and 1336 Plus II (F), are built upon a similar base, and each drive has the same basic start/stop control interfaces and communication options.  The similarities of the different Allen Bradley 1336 VFDs are a major advantage when repairing the drives; once the repair technician learns how to repair one model in the 1336 drive line, the repair technicians are able to repair any 1336 VFD.
The main differences between the 1336 VFD models are the drive’s power output and the drive’s dimensions, which depend on the specifications of each model. The different 1336 VFDs’ power output and dimensions vary to fit the specifications of a given machinery application.
What is the 1336 Regen?
One area of confusion when looking into the different 1336 VFDs is the 1336 Regen (R). The 1336 Regen (R) is not a VFD; however, if you are not familiar with the different 1336 series and models, you may not realize what exactly the 1336 Regen (R) is.
The 1336 Regen (R) works with the all of the Allen Bradley 1336 VFDs. The Regen converts the three-phase AC input source to a DC output source, and it acts as a brake output where the line regeneration package limits the amount of inrush current and provides AC voltage and magnitude information to the converter.
1336 Series Today
Today, the Allen Bradley 1336 lines are obsolete, including the 1336 Regen (R), with the last line (1336 Force) becoming obsolete in October 2012; however, most of the 1336 VFD drives can easily and affordably be converted and upgraded to versions of a PowerFlex drive, which PowerFlex drives are the most up-to-date Allen Bradley drives.

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