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1326AB Brushless Servo Motors Features  Benefits

1326AB Brushless Servo Motors Features Benefits

By Jade York
Allen Bradley products are known for being innovative and quality products. One common Allen Bradley product is the 1326AB brushless servo motor; the servo motor is widely used in industrial automation machinery.
Three different feedback options exist in regards to the 1326AB brushless servo motor: 1326AB-B____-M2L, 1326AB-B____-S2L and 1326AB-B____-21. The third segments of each different model number (i.e. M2L, S2L, 21) refer to the feedback options. The M2L refers to the absolute multi-turn high resolution, S2L refers to absolute single-turn high resolution, and the 21 refers to the resolver feedback option. The 1326AB brushless servo motor also comes in three different frame sizes: A (108 mm), B (149 mm) and C (194 mm), as well as a torque range of 2.7-50.0 Nm.
Features & Benefits
So, what makes your 1326AB brushless servo motor a great component in your automation machinery?

Features Benefits
Absolute encoder or resolver-based feedback Withstands intense shock, vibration
Withstands high temperatures
IP67 protection option rating Protects from harsh environments
Durable & high voltage windings Reliable operation
Advanced magnet design Has increased flux density
Greater demagnetization protection
Lowers harmonics and losses
Increased slot fill and better frame and magnetic structure
Creates higher motor output
Sinusoidal, four-pole design Has predictable linear performance
Square torque-speed characteristic
Offers increased torque at high speed
Smart motor option Simple commissioning
Peak performance
1326AB Applications

The 1326AB brushless servo motor works best in applications that require smooth performance and high continuous output, such as the applications used in the automotive, machine tool and packaging industries.

Overall, the features of the Allen Bradley 1326AB brushless servo motor benefit your machinery by being a durable, reliable, and an efficient servo motor that will keep your machinery running longer with fewer issues along the way.

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