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A20B-8001-0730/05C Fanuc Electronic Circuit Board, As-Is Available For For $605


Item Description

  • Manufacturer: Fanuc
  • Model #: A20B-8001-0730/05C or A20B8001073005C
  • Category: Electronic Circuit Board
  • Item Weight: 1 lbs.

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1 No Warranty $605.00
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  • No Warranty
  • Available Today
  • This Electronic Circuit Board is also available as-is. We are not equipped to fully test it, and therefore cannot verify its state of function. Most times, it is bought and used for spare parts or other reasons. Not sure whether an as-is item is right for you? Call us at 989-922-0043.

Product Video - Fanuc Servo Motor Repair Alpha i Series

Fanuc Alpha i Series AC Servo Motor Repair at Repair Zone

If you have a Fanuc Alpha i Series servo motor that you need repaired, run-tested, and shipped back to you quickly, Repair Zone can provide a cost-effective solution.
The Fanuc Alpha i Series contains the Alpha iS  and the Alpha iF series servo motors which come in both 200 and 400 volt configurations.  Major applications include lathe, machining center, or grinding machine.  The FANUC  AC Servo Motor αi series can be driven using FANUC Servo Amplifier αiSV series or βiSV series.
During our evaluation of your Alpha i motor, it is put through rigorous electrical and mechanical testing procedures like:

·         Surge testing, to check all 3 phases of the motor
·         Megger, to check to see if motor is grounded
·         Back EMF testing, to test the magnetic strength of the rotor
·         Mechanical tolerance checks and
·         Torque testing of any brake if present
·         We also verify the feedback device, in this case an encoder, to make sure it counts correctly.

In addition, every step of the repair process—from machining to winding—is completed in-house.  Once we do all of the necessary testing, it directs us where to go during the repair: 

·         During a standard repair, we wash and bake the stator and rotor; during re-assembly we change bearings with high performance bearings, install new seals, replace any broken connectors, and recondition the fan assembly.
·         If the stator is shorted, it goes to our winding department for rewind, where we use high-voltage, Nano-shielded wire and special insulation for each individual slot.  New leads are connected as well.
·         If end bells or shaft need machining, they go to our precision machining center.

During the final run-test, it is paired with our Alpha i amplifier and  tested running in both directions, starting and stopping multiple times, to match the manufacturer's torque/speed curve at a minimum of 3 different run speeds for up to 2 hours to complete the repair.
When you get your Fanuc motor back from Repair Zone, it looks and runs like new again, and with our 1 year warranty, we guarantee your motor will run for a very long time. 
“Repair Zone, Your Fanuc Alpha i repair experts.”
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Fanuc A20B-8001-0730/05C
Fanuc A20B-8001-0730/05C
Fanuc A20B-8001-0730/05C
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